How to engage an Architect for your project?

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So, you want to build something, maybe your new vacation home or maybe a commercial establishment but do not know how and where to begin. You do have some idea of what you want but beyond that you are stuck and want someone professional to take you through the entire process of getting you vision to reality. Well an Architect will surely be able to help you with that an further may also result in a huge saving looking at all the factors.

Now comes the question of how to search for the right Architect and then how to engage one professionally. To get to that we first need to know some background on what and Architect mean and what does he do?

Who is an Architect?

An Architect is a trained professional who undertakes the responsibility to conceptualize, design and later oversee the construction of built environments; these could be a residential standalone houses, a skyscraper, a football stadium or an entire city, any built structure which predominantly involves human interface, will see an Architect involved, in most cases.

What are the core responsibilities of an Architect and what services can I expect ?

Architect’s responsibility will depend on your terms of hiring. If you want the Architect to take all the responsibility from start to end of the project, then a ‘Comprehensive Architectural Services’ package is what you should consider. In some cases, where you want an Architect to just take the lead on the first half of the project, basically to design and provide necessary construction documents and drawings but later you want to take off on your own, on the construction part of the project, then your would hire him on a ‘Scope based Architectural Services’ package.


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